Ethics Code

I work hard to attain success, and always try to deliver my very best. I will be moral and ethical in the practice of my craft. I shall do all within my power to bring respect to myself, my business, and the industry I represent. 


Honesty shall be a part of my conscience at all times; in all matters. I will treat all clients fairly and honestly.


I will be mindful of sanitary conditions throughout my practice and create beauty in all my surroundings.


I hold myself responsible for continuous education in order to be a credit to my profession and my clients. I will customize each makeup creation with modern taste and style.


I will be tactful in developing a good working relationship with my clients. I will provide my clients with the sense that I am a professional, and committed to ensuring their complete satisfaction.


My attitude shall be at its very best for every client. I will express patience and transcend any hardship I may face. I will love my clients as much as I love my craft.